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Libby has an exceptional ability to assess a situation and give her advice in an inspirational and thought provoking manner. She is able to analyse others’ thinking and make a real difference through surprisingly brief intervention.

Dr. JM, Warwickshire

Libby has a lovely supportive approach, and I found her very responsive to the needs that I presented at each session.  Before I entered into coaching with Libby, I had a tendency to over-think.  Libby helped me to take a step back and observe my thoughts more effectively, rather than getting caught up in too much thinking.  Thank you Libby!


Well I was lucky enough to have a fabulous coaching session with the gorgeous Libby Hodges last night and I have woken this morning feeling mentally ‘lighter’. Through her beautiful, calm, thoughtful manner she helped me to work through my conundrums and gain some greater awareness of those things that are making my journey to success more difficult than it should be. We found clarity, discussed solutions and asked the important questions that will help me to be the woman that I really want to be, both personally and professionally. Thank you Libby.


Just wanted to say thank you for your excellent coaching yesterday. I came off the call relieved, energised and happy!
You were great the way you let me just blow out all the logical stuff, brought me back to the emotional core, you were yourself and gave your own story and perspective which was invaluable.  The rapport, listening, reflecting and challenging were top class!


Libby does it again… yet another great session with Libby on Friday. What can seem a casual conversation can really shift old patterns, and just an awareness of something thanks to Libby’s great listening skills and pinpointed questioning, can turn things around.


After just one session working with Libby I have succeeded in clearing an issue that had been blocking me for a long time. Libby’s style is refreshingly different yet incorporates and compliments other more traditional coaching styles. Libby’s doesn’t hold back in challenging long held ideas in her conversational questioning where it became easy to let go of disempowering thinking just by talking about it. Thank you Libby.


When I first spoke to Libby I was a mess. I had a bullying boss and my confidence was destroyed. I was considering giving up my career. I couldn’t even begin to balance my work and home life and felt like I was failing as a teacher and as a mum and wife. I was crying pretty much daily. However even from the very first session I began to cope with life a little better. The key moment was probably a couple of sessions in. I’d had a particularly bad day at work and started the session in floods of tears. Libby seems to always seem to know the right questions to ask or the right story to tell, and by the end of the session I was laughing and overwhelmingly peaceful, and I’ve not looked at life the same again since. I’m now calmer, less stressed and able to cope with the competing demands of my life more calmly. There have been two side effects which have completely taken me by surprise. The first is a new boldness – instead of thinking “I can’t do that” when opportunities come up instead I’m thinking “Let’s have a go and see what happens.” The other surprise has been my renewed and improved relationship with God. As I am a Christian, Libby has encouraged me to trust God from the very first session, and by being calmer and having a quieter mind I can be more open to God and he has spoken to me in new ways. I would really consider this whole coaching experience to have been miraculous in so many ways.

CB, Warwickshire

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