There are times in life when our future looks exciting, where we see the possibilities for what we might achieve in the world, for the legacy we would want to leave behind.

And there are times when life seems like a horrible disappointment.

We may have had such hopes for who we would become – and now we find ourselves somewhere down the line feeling like a hopeless under-achiever. “Life” appears to have got in the way of our dreams, and we feel we are lagging behind – behind our peers, and behind our own personal expectations.

I’ve been reminded recently that there is ALWAYS hope; always the opportunity to start again.

Whether life has seemed like a success or a relative failure so far, hope springs from the understanding that when we are connected to a deeper intelligence, we tap into a glorious potential for ourselves and the world. Limitless possibilities are available to us, and a never-ending well of wisdom is available guide us along life’s path.

Whether six or sixty, whether we feel we’re currently on the right pathway or not – a new insight, a new spark of inspiration, is all we need to set off a chain reaction to lead us to living our glorious potential.

There is no need for disappointment, or for a sense of striving to get somewhere in life. In that place of wisdom, we’re already THERE, already fully ourselves, and free to create an inspired life without the need for further validation.

There’s nothing we need to do – this connection to potential is our natural state – and easy to find when the striving ceases. Just opening ourselves up to the possibility that it exists, allowing ourselves to dip a toe into this pool of glorious potential, is likely to entice us further to dive deep and fully immerse ourselves in this true, natural way of being.

Love and smiles,


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