2015 so far has been my ordinary year.

After 3 years of what has seemed a quite dizzying existence – working with some of the top names in my industry, jet setting all over the world – this year I decided not to get on a plane. Not even for a holiday.

I felt the need for ordinary.

I’ve stayed home, baked cakes, done DIY, worked as a doctor again, reconnected with friends.

It’s been marvellous!

What I once wanted to escape has been revealed to me as something to really enjoy.

Not that this is better than the last 3 “extra-ordinary” years – but neither is it worse.

The truth is, when I’m in the place I call home within myself, the outside circumstances no longer matter. And at the same time, I have a new found joy in the simplest of things.

Joy is an inside job.



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