About Me.....

This is My Story

I’ve always found ALL people hugely interesting – how different we are, and yet how much the same. This curiosity about each and every individual is what has continued to inspire me in my work.

I originally trained as a doctor, and have worked in the medical profession for over 20 years.

I came to coaching as I tried to find an answer to my own stresses and strains, and eventually stumbled upon the work that I now do with others.

I believe in magic – I see it all around me. In my own coaching journey I’ve been awakened to the everyday miracles of being fully and freely alive.

I’ve experienced deep transformation as my understanding of what it is to be human has deepened. Regardless of my outside circumstances, I have a greater peace of mind, and am having a fuller, richer experience of ALL of life – the seemingly good, bad and just plain average!

I just love the magic! To watch people wake up to their true nature, see the insights bubble up, and then see the practical difference this makes in their lives has to be the best job in the world!

It’s a great privilege to work with people who have a deep desire to live their true potential – and in the process make our world a better place.



Qualifications & Experience

I qualified as a medical doctor in 1995, and continue to work part time as a General Practitioner in the NHS. I also teach and mentor junior doctors in my role as a Training Programme Director for Coventry and Warwickshire GP Vocational Training Scheme. In this role, I have developed an additional coaching role working with doctors in need of additional support.

I qualified as a NLP Master Practitioner and NLP Coach in 2006. I’ve also trained in Anthony Robbins Leadership Academy.

My work deepened when I attended Michael Neill’s Supercoach Academy in 2012 and discovered The Three Principles. I have worked extensively with Michael, spending a year as his Apprentice in 2014. I am proud to be a certified Advanced Transformative Coach.

“Today you are you, this is truer than true. There is no one alive who is youer than you.”

Dr. Seuss

My identity is in Christ, the keeper of my soul, my history and my future.