There’s been a lot that has upset me in my life. A lot of things that haven’t gone my way, a lot of realities that haven’t met up to my expectations. It’s caused me a lot of pain. And a lot of effort in trying to reorganise my life circumstances in order to feel better.

I thought that my feelings of upset were giving me valuable information about the quality of my life – about how well things were going. I thought I needed to act on this information, and do something to solve the problems that were preventing me from being happy. That often led to higher expectations, more disappointment, more upset.

My feelings were giving me valuable information – but not in the way I thought.

I’ve realised that my feelings are like a barometer for my state of mind.

When I’m upset, that tells me nothing about what is going on in the outside world, but an awful lot about how unsettled my thinking is.

So my upset has stopped being a problem to solve, and become helpful to me in understanding when I’m not seeing clearly – useful to know, so as not to make any earth shattering decisions until my state of mind naturally rises again.

And this is how it is for EVERY human being. So when someone is upset with me, I can see the role state of mind takes in their upset, too. Whatever I have or haven’t apparently done to trigger them, their reaction is never really about me. Understanding this allows me not to take things personally, and to have a compassion for their humanity – and from that place of connection, wonderful things can happen.


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