Today, I’ve been reflecting upon the words of a great medical predecessor of mine, Hippocrates. As a doctor, I’ve also long been mindful of his advice to “first, do no harm”.

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In medical practice, we can often feel pressure to “do something”. And yet we know one of the biggest risks to a patient’s wellbeing can be overzealous investigation or treatment. A good physician knows when something needs to be done – but also when doing nothing is the best option.

I don’t think this is exclusive to doctors. It seems to me that a lot of people are so busy trying to do something about their problems, that all they are doing is tying themselves further in knots – knots of frenzied thinking. The more we try to “do something”, the further we risk taking ourselves up into our heads, and away from a deeper wisdom.

There is a time for doing nothing – I would suggest this is a particularly good idea when we don’t know what to do. Don’t try and think it out – let your mind settle, and wisdom will point you to solutions, and to a restored sense of peace and wellbeing.


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