What is Innate Wisdom?

We all possess innate wisdom – every single one of us. There is a place within every human being that is open to the source of wisdom, creativity and wellbeing. It’s been there from when we first came into being, and it travels with us always. It’s the space within where magic happens. We often doubt this place exists, or feel the connection only faintly. We take our thinking too seriously, and forget to trust wisdom to deliver. The “white noise” of overthinking often drowns out the messages that would make life so much simpler. The busier our minds become, the more mental and emotional un-wellness we experience. We feel like victims of circumstance or, at best, that we have to work really hard on ourselves to be “OK”. We’ve lost sight of the fact that we’re already “OK” – it’s our default setting. In reality, life is an Inside-Out job. We’re living in the feeling of our thinking, moment to moment. All of our experience of life comes from our thinking, not from our circumstances. When we begin to see the truth of this, our minds start to settle down and wellbeing flourishes. Even in the midst of the worst mental suffering we’re only one insightful thought away from seeing the world in a whole new way and finding ourselves back “home”. From this place, we also have the wisdom to know how and when to make material changes to our external environment.

The Three Principles

Sydney Banks described this new paradigm for wellbeing as a teaching called “The Three Principles”. While Syd is, sadly, no longer with us, he has pointed many of us to this understanding.

There are now Three Principles Practitioners across the globe pointing people from all walks of life back to wisdom and wellbeing.

This understanding has the power to revitalise our mental health, free us from addictions, and open us up to our true potential.

The deeper our understanding gets, the more we find ourselves back in a place of peace, no longer suffering our “problems” and able to access the home of our creative genius.

This is the conversation we will have together – to look towards this understanding and see more clearly how beautiful and magical life can be, even when externally it sometimes seems tough.

“If the only thing people learned was not to be afraid of their experience, that alone would change the world.”

Sydney Banks

“Do not forsake wisdom and she will protect you; love her, and she will watch over you.”

Proverbs 4:6

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