For the last couple of days I’ve been enjoying a welcome rest from the general freneticism of life at my favourite spa. Just look at that pool – in the past, I’ve often felt the stillness and clarity of the water was a fitting metaphor for the inside workings of my mind… by the time my stay was over! A fitting bolthole for a stressed out professional, I would long to get back there to experience the feeling of peace again.

A few days here, helped along by a few treatments, would relieve my anxieties, and give me a sense of calm and peace that had evaded me in the workplace. Each time I felt the stress build, I would feel the need to get back to the spa and relive that relaxation.

These days I experience this differently. Now when I go to the spa, my mind often has the clear, still feel of that pool before I get there. I’ve seen that I don’t need some sort of ritual or practice to find peace of mind and wellbeing. Peace of mind is my natural state and I easily return there when I stop taking my thoughts so seriously. The Spa still gives me a chance to physically rest and recuperate, but I can know this still, clear feeling even in the midst of the busiest on call shift, or the noisiest family row.

I still love the spa, but I don’t need it in the same way. The greater my understanding is of how life works, and how the mind works, the more I live tapped into the source of peace, wellbeing, wisdom and creativity. And the more I see that the answer isn’t outside of us, but in a deeper intelligence that we’re all connected to, the more I’m able to point others in the right direction too.

Wishing you peace of mind,



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