Today was a chance for a family get together with the main focus of attention on our newest addition – one very cute baby.

There’s something so mesmerising about babies as they reach an age where they’re ready to fully engage with the world. Cute, charming, funny, delightful – able to hold our attention for hours whilst actually doing very little to entertain – just the same cute manoeuvres over and over again.

My family remarked on what a great time waster he was, though I don’t suppose anyone really believed this.

We often live under the supposition that busier is better, and look to cram our lives with ever-greater volumes of activity in the belief that this somehow what justifies our existence. Time spent “wasting time” is good for the soul – without it we miss out on an opportunity for some of the valuable lessons life has to offer us

A baby – as yet untainted by the peculiar patterns of thought we as a society subscribe to – reminds us of what it is to be in the moment, launching itself into the world with unbridled curiosity, delighting in the feedback from its surroundings.

If we want to see clearly what is truly natural about the human state, rather than what is merely learned and ingrained, we would do well to watch and learn.

Today my nephew was no great time waster – but a great teacher.



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