If you could set yourself an impossible goal, what would it be? That’s a question many of my friends and Facebook pals have been asking themselves this week, as we start the “Creating The Impossible” Program with Michael Neill.

If you could set yourself a goal that you didn’t expect to reach, how would this allow you to dream bigger about creating something new in the world? How would this allow you to engage with the creative process in a whole new way?

I have lots of things I’d like to achieve this year – lose weight, get fit, sort out my finances and, most dear to my heart, really make a difference to others (and in turn inspire them to do the same) through my work as a Transformative Coach. Although I’m less bothered than I used to be about these “goals”, I know I have something of me invested in them, and at some level it matters to me if I don’t achieve them.

So, I picked something completely different for my “impossible” goal. I want to write my first children’s book, and have it picked up by a publisher – within the next 3 months.

Being a children’s author is probably my earliest ambition – even before I aspired to be the fifth member of Abba or win Wimbledon (I’ve never been able to play tennis, but a girl can dream – and I did!), and way before I had thoughts of being a medic or a coach. I used to write copious stories of fantasylands as a child. But then I grew up. “Real life” set in – there was “real work” to do – the world told me it was time to let go of childish dreams.

I haven’t written a single word of fiction since I was still a child – so it seems at the very least highly improbable to me that I’ll achieve my end aim. And yet it doesn’t matter.

Sure, I get really excited when I think of my goal coming to fruition – but I really don’t care if I don’t achieve it. I’m doing this, as my Irish pals say, “Just for the Craic” – for the fun of it, for the sheer unbridled joy of throwing myself into the creative process and seeing what happens.

I still haven’t written a word yet, but have already found myself being awakened in the night by new fantasy characters coming to say “Hello, I hear you’re writing a book – can I be in it?”

I’m connecting back to my inner child – to that part of me not befuddled by personal thinking, but clear and present, and ready to run at the world full throttle with no thought for what anyone will think of me; loving every moment of expression of that creative energy that runs through all of us when we stop blocking it with being sensible, rational and realistic.

Want to join me? Ah, go on, go on, go on – you know you want to!

Libby x


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