I used to think there was something wrong with me. So many entrepreneurs around me talked of their creativity – where was mine?

When I was in school, I loved to write stories, draw, paint, do crafts, come up with new ideas for games, and produce creative solutions to the problems I already saw in my immediate, and wider world.

Somewhere along the line, I appeared to have lost the ability to create. I suspect this coincided with the start of my life as a junior doctor, and then a GP. Survival became the name of the game. I spent years with a head so busy with other people’s problems, mounds of factual knowledge, and stressful thinking, that there no longer seemed space for anything creative.

Last year I rediscovered my creativity. It turned out it hadn’t gone anywhere. As soon as my mind settled to a less frenetic pace, it appeared. As soon as I dared to believe it might still be with me, it began to draw me back. I began to experience life in a whole new way, with a host of possibilities before me, and the knowledge that I didn’t have to do anything to be more creative – just reach within and beyond myself, to a deeper wisdom. We all have access to this place, though it seems to be a well-kept secret in our society. It’s so much easier than we might believe.

All we need to do is trust, and begin.

So I’m back at my blog at last, after a long period away with a spinning head!

I have no idea what I’m going to be creating. I’m going to trust that deeper wisdom – and now I’ve begun

Love and smiles,



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