In the flow of “What would I like to create today?” it occurred to me to turn my attention to my Facebook page (Click here if you want to see!) – in an act of re-creation today!

My page has been lying dormant for a long time. I initially concocted it on the say so of someone else telling me I needed to have one for my business. It was somebody else’s good idea, and that’s the way it stayed – I had little enthusiasm for it, as it hadn’t been borne out of the flow of that deeper creative energy working through me.

This time, it’s not someone else’s good idea – I felt inspired to take a second look at it.

It was interesting to see how far I’ve come since I gained an understanding of the principles that underlie our experience. I used to be an “empowered” coach – seeing goal setting, being focused, and taking massive action as things to be applauded.

I was living in the misunderstanding that this was the best way to live. It certainly was better than the victim mode I’d lived in before – and I did achieve a lot, and see my clients achieve a lot from that place.

But when I saw that’s fundamentally not how life works, I just couldn’t live that way any more. That’s the power of an insight. Once we see something new – have a new thought that we’ve never thought before – we can never un-see. The world is forever changed in that moment and our experience of life deepens.

I’m grateful for how the coaching I was engaged in back then helped me – but now I see how things really work, it just doesn’t make sense to do it that way any more. Creating a life from my new perspective has effortlessness to it; a joy; a delight in the unknown – that absolutely anything could show up in the next moment!

There’s something truly magical about that – and I love that I get to see magic show up in my own life, and in my conversations with others, on a regular basis now.

Have a magical day!



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