Having come from the world of empowered personal development, I’d long given credence to the idea of giving 110% in life. I set goals for what I wanted to create in my life, and pushed myself hard to achieve them.

Recently, I’ve been seeing how unnecessary and, frankly, damaging this can be.

This picture illustrates perfectly what I’ve been seeing:

libby ted

Clearly, I wasn’t destined to become an accountant, as it took me a lot longer to realise this than Ted. I’ve been giving 110% and running on a 10% deficit for years. For a long time it looked virtuous to me. And having come from a culture in medicine where we are required to sacrifice all (including sleep!) working very long, hard hours, I didn’t even question it.

Recently, I’ve been coaching on the “Creating the Impossible” programme run by Supercoach Michael Neill. The challenge has been to create in a different way this time – to take inspired action and see where this will lead me.

It no longer makes sense to me to push towards my goal. I’ve found myself only taking action when I’m inspired to, for as long as I’m inspired to. The neurotic voices in my head tell me I’m being lazy – it’s a good job I now see they’re just thoughts, and I don’t need to take them seriously!

The interesting thing is, I’m getting further with my project than on previous failed attempts – and am also taking more time to rest, read, spend time with friends and whatever else helps to recharge me. Life is sweeter, easier and more fun.

It feels as though, rather than “giving it 110%” I’m only inspired to take action around 5% of the time – but there’s magic in that 5%!

It turns out 5% is all I need right now to move effortlessly towards my “impossible” goal, while getting to engage with all of life, and be open to new possibilities and opportunities along the way.

I’m a long way off being fully recharged, but it’s so nice to no longer be adding those 10% deficits, and allowing myself to experience something of what it is to fully thrive!



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