Today I woke up thinking “What do I have to do today?”. This was quickly followed by the thought “What can I create today?” I noticed my energy shift with that thought – it seems like a much more fun way to engage with the world!

As it turns out, my “creation” came early today, with the desire for breakfast. My kitchen is currently in a state of disarray (part of my greater impossible 60 day project – but more of that another time!) and I’ve been eating a lot of toast so I don’t have to deal with food preparation.

I have a lot of thinking about healthy eating taking a lot more time and effort than eating junk. But today, I was inspired by a combination of listening to my body’s needs, seeing what was in the fridge, and my Vitamix, to produce a blueberry, banana and almond smoothie – yummy, healthy fast food!

It’s not exactly a creation “out of the blue”, but it’s interesting to see how things that already existed in my world could very quickly be transformed into something perfect for the moment by a quick shot of inspiration!

I’m also aware of how an insight I had last week showed up here. In conversation with my friend Sharon, I saw that I don’t have to be “all or nothing” about healthy eating – I just have to start somewhere.

Wishing you all a happy, healthy day,



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