Having worked as a Transformative Coach for some time now, I’ve been amazed at what is possible for people when they understand where their experience is coming from and are able to tap into the deeper intelligence behind life.
However, it’s only been recently that I’ve begun to explore how being connected to this deeper source plays out in how things get created in the world. Now that I see that I have innate wellbeing, what else is possible? What can I create in the world?
As human beings, creation is part of our nature. When we see that we’re fine just as we are, it doesn’t leave us happy just to sit and do nothing. When we are in touch with our true nature, our innate desire to create in the world wells up. Whether this is creating large projects or small, we can begin to experience what is is to create, for the pure joy of it!
My mentor, Michael Neill (of http://www.supercoach.com) has encouraged us this week to create something new every day. It got me thinking about what it’s like to engage in the creative process, even for what we might see as small and insignificant things, and what that might produce in the world.
Imagine – happy, innately healthy people, having fun in the world expressing their creative nature!
So, I intend to explore everyday creation. Now, I may not manage to post a creation every day (we’ll see!) but I’m interested to see how would my life be if I saw more of the joy of everyday creation, and asked myself the question every day – “What would I like to create today?”

How about you? Are you ready for some everyday creation?



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